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Youth Support service professionals can rely on Marijuana Education Initiative courses to support youth with marijuana education. From invention services to prevention tools, MEI has built an array of age-specific curricula. Marijuana Education Initiative can help support your efforts in working with parents, educators, youth and communities. Our programs also can be utilized to support adjudicated youth who need education and support around their marijuana policy violation.

Available products for Youth Support Organizations and Agencies:

This comprehensive curriculum goes in depth to help high school aged youth understand the differences between the impacts of adult and youth marijuana use as well as the difference between medicinal and recreational use.

"The High School Impact Awareness curriculum has been the most effective tool in helping my students navigate the new territory of legal recreational and medicinal marijuana. It provides balanced and well researched lessons that areengaging for my high school students. I would highly recommend the workbooks that accompany the curriculum since they support the lessons and get kids talking to parents about what they leaned."

-Megan Wykhuis, School Health Professional

Marijuana Impact Awareness - Intermediate

This curriculum supports early preventive efforts by educating middle school aged youth about the impacts of youth marijuana use. This curriculum can be dropped into a health or science class or can support school or organization-wide marijuana prevention efforts.

"As a teacher's aide at a Charter school in Colorado, I had the opportunity to observe The Marijuana Education Initiative's program.It is an interactive and visually insightful program, making it an appropriate curriculum for middle school kids. The facts learned from this program enable these children to make an educated choice when confronted with marijuana. As an adult I learned so many things I didn't know about marijuana."

-8th Grade Staff Member

Marijuana Impact Awareness in Elementary School

This program begins to lay the foundation for effective youth marijuana prevention by reaching youth during their elementary years. The program approaches issues such as marijuana’s impact on the developing brain and body as well as edible and labeling awareness to prevent accidental ingestion.

"I have worked many years in education and have seen several drug-based curricula come and go, but I have never seen something as promising as the curriculum created by MEI."

-Jerry Buelter, Middle School Principal

Marijuana Intervention

The engaging discussions, activities, and journal writing in this curriculum is intended to provide support to students who are motivated to reduce or quit their marijuana use. This curriculum includes the required an MEI Intervention workbook to help students explore their marijuana use habits and patterns.

"In short, this class gave me the gentle nudge I needed to start to change my lifestyle and gave me some strategies to help with this drastic change. Without this class I truly don’t know when I would have become aware of what I was doing or if I ever would have wanted to change. This class left me feeling excited to see what new hobbies I replace my old habits with and where I can take myself."

-MEI Student Participant

Marijuana Infraction Response

This program can support trusted adults, schools and organizations to keep kids engaged while still having an effective and appropriate consequence for a marijuana related violation. The Infraction Response program can be used as part of the restorative justice process or to reduce a suspension.

Athlete Awareness

This curriculum is designed to increase athletes’ awareness of how marijuana use affects their athletic performance, mental capacity and stock as an athlete.

“The new curriculum is visionary and has the potential to fill an existing education gap statewide and nationally.”

-Steamboat Today

Marijuana and the Developing Brain

In this interactive online module, participants will explore the inner workings of the brain—how it functions and develops normally, as well as how it operates while under the influence of THC. Through learning about the differences between the young, developing brain and the fully developed adult brain, along with a deeper understanding of the short- and longer-term effects youth use has on cognition, mental health and memory, youth learners will be better equipped to make informed decisions about using marijuana. For kids and adults alike, this 45 minute online certificated module is a wonderful way to enhance understanding of the impacts of youth marijuana use.


Talking to Youth about Marijuana - A Training Module for Parents and Trusted Adults


This course is designed for parents and trusted adults to get a thorough understanding around the topic of youth marijuana use. Relevant for any adult who wants to be well-informed around the effects and risks associated with youth marijuana use, this course provides talking points that encourage educated discussions. An overview of the inner workings of the adolescent brain, and how the brain operates while under the influence of THC also leads to informed and fact-based discussions. Finally, the course updates the learner on current trends associated with the use of recreational and medicinal marijuana and provides information on issues such vaping and edibles and increased THC potencies.

Marijuana Intervention

Designed as a self-paced course for individual youth who have an established habit of marijuana use, this engaging intervention program includes education, exercises, and activities to support students who are willing to take a closer look at their marijuana use.  At the end of each lesson, journal activities and prompts can be downloaded and printed to demonstrate engagement.  Using a cognitive behavioral approach and ideal for any family, organization, school or juvenile justice program looking for an intervention around individual youth marijuana use, this program asks participants to look at triggers, patterns of use, and replacement activities around marijuana use while at the same time incorporating mindfulness and a motivational interviewing approach to journaling.

Youth and Vaping

Providing a wide range of information around vaping, this lesson is about 45 minutes and covers Big Tobacco’s promotion of e-cigarette use, the dangerous and addictive chemicals found in vaping devices and the health and educational impacts of vaping.  

Marijuana and the Young Driver


This course is designed to educate youth on the effects marijuana has on driving. This course starts by informing the participant on marijuana’s effects on the brain and how it can affect the ability to safely drive. Next, it delves into the legal consequences and ramifications of driving under the influence of marijuana. Finally, it educates on the risks associated with driving under the influence of marijuana. Essential for any young driver, this course informs drivers how marijuana use can negatively impact safe driving.



E-cigarettes are more popular than any traditional tobacco product among youth and e-cigarette use, or vaping, among teens has skyrocketed in recent years. But, is vaping safe? Some claim vaping is safer than traditional cigarettes, but the vaping liquids that teens are so drawn to (because of the many appealing flavors) still contain nicotine which can cause addiction and harm the developing brain. So, what do you know about vaping? What do you need to know? This course answers these questions and more. In this course, you’ll learn about vaping devices as well as the history and background of vaping and its appeal to youth. You’ll discover just how much nicotine is used in vaping devices along with its addictive qualities, and learn more about the several dangerous chemicals introduced into the lungs and their harmful effects. In addition to the health risks, this course also addresses the academic risks associated with vaping.

Marijuana Education - "Out of the Box"

We know…there are students who often learn best out of the classroom. That is why we created this unique marijuana curriculum designed for agencies and organizations that are looking for a less traditional educational program for youth. Designed to be delivered outside of the classroom or to enhance our traditional Impact Awareness curriculum, these dynamic lessons cover topics ranging from marijuana and the brain, marijuana awareness, marijuana and the body and refusal skills and all include an engaging activity that reinforces the lesson.  If you have already purchased these lessons and need information and links on where to purchase the supplies, click here.

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