Offering Pre- and Post-Legalization Educational Support Services

The MEI team will go to schools, districts, or businesses to support educators and administration in implementing the Marijuana Education Initiative program so that the school or organization can efficiently deliver a comprehensive roll-out of all curricula components. This customizable option can include staff and parent presentations, in-person trainings of curricula elements as well as program implementation and marijuana policy consultation.

Youth access to marijuana and effective drug education are two of the primary concerns of communities and citizens in areas considering cannabis legalization. Bring us to the table to ensure that youth marijuana education is addressed with the rollout of legalization.

Today’s youth are coming of age in a time when cannabis is legal. It is essential to provide accurate information to ensure that they are making informed decisions, not through intimidation or scare tactics but rather with empowering, accurate information supporting the benefits of delayed use.


Our dynamic presentation presents unbiased information to help educators, parents, and community members better understand adolescents’ concept of marijuana as well as the impacts marijuana has on our youth. Relevant to parents, educators, and youth services providers of elementary- through high school aged – youth, the information in this session helps to navigate the unknown territory so many of our kids are already comfortable with.


“Thank you for this session. We just legalized Marijuana in Maine and I worry about the effects it will have. This session was very informative and eye-opening. I will be using your website as a resource and will be educating my staff on the effects of marijuana on adolescents.”

-Presentation Attendee

Topics covered include:
1. Marijuana trends as they pertain to youth use
2. Modalities and methods of marijuana consumption as they relate to youth
3. The impact of marijuana on the developing brain and learning
4. Why kids are so confused about the impacts of marijuana use as legislation and legalization take hold
5. Why youths’ perception of harm is decreasing in states that have legalized marijuana

This presentation is 1.5 hours long and includes time for questions from the audience.

In addition to travel costs, we charge $1200 for the initial presentation and $400 for each additional presentation in the same trip. Please let us know if this is outside your organization’s budget, and we can work with you to ensure this important information gets to your community regardless of ability to pay the full rate.

Consultation Services:

The Marijuana Education Initiative team offers consultation services to:

  • Municipalities, states and countries that are considering legalizing cannabis and want to have the most up-to-date information on the effects cannabis has on youth.
  • Anyone in the cannabis industry who has a vested interest in ensuring youth have accurate and fact-based information on the impacts of early use.
  • Communities interested in providing balanced messages that support legalization efforts while addressing the effects of marijuana on youth.


“So engaging and she knew her stuff! Really learned a lot and want to learn more.”        -Survey Response

We offer specific consultation services on the components needed to successfully implement a comprehensive marijuana education program that provides balanced information on the impacts of youth marijuana use.


  • Age-appropriate information on marijuana
  • Current research on the most effective substance abuse educational methods
  • The necessary components to community-wide or state-wide comprehensive marijuana education that enhances youths’ perception of risk of early marijuana use
  • Information on the educational impacts of youth marijuana infractions
  • The need for alternative-to-suspension programs and data-driven diversion programs for youth marijuana infractions
  • Information on how to get effective marijuana curricula in schools and in front of youth by utilizing marijuana tax revenue effectively
  • Updated and consolidated information on how early marijuana use can affect youth brain development
  • Data on youth perception of risk concerning marijuana use before and after exposure to effective cannabis education
  • Understanding how student medical marijuana laws can be effectively incorporated into school policies

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