Vaping Infraction Response

Vaping Infraction Response

Vaping Infraction Response can support schools and organizations in keeping kids engaged and in school, while still having an effective and appropriate consequence for a vaping related violation. The Infraction Response program can be used as part of the restorative justice process or to reduce a suspension. Please Note:  Rate is for a single Infraction Response survey access.  Please add the number of surveys in the quantity drop drown menu after you add the item and view the cart.  Scroll down to find instructions on how to retrieve your access codes.  



Marijuana Education Initiative Alternative to Suspension/Suspension Enhancement

Target Audience: Middle- and high-school-aged youth who have had a vaping infraction based on school or agency policy

Administration: This curriculum begins with the youth taking an independent survey that provides insight into the youth’s vaping patterns and the impact vaping is having in his or her life. This is followed by a 1- to 2-hour discussion of the survey results with an MEI-trained agency or school representative during which the facilitator asks the youth motivational interviewing questions.


At the completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify their habits around their vaping
  • Identify the impact vaping is having on their lives
  • Assess their level of interest or intent to change their relationship with vaping
  • Re-enter the school or agency environment with a greater knowledge of how their vaping infraction affects their ability to function in that environment

At the completion of this program, participates will know:

  • Their feelings around vaping
  • How vaping is affecting all areas of their lives
  • Statistics on vaping trends

Methods of implementation:

  • Self-assessment survey on vaping
  • Motivational Enhancement Therapy


  • Once vaping infraction has occurred, and depending on school policy, the administration can offer the student the MEI Alternative to Suspension curriculum. If school or agency policy does not allow for an alternative to suspension option, this curriculum can be offered or required as a suspension enhancement prior to the youth’s reentry to school.
  • Students can complete the independent web-delivered assessment at home or at school; it takes about 30 minutes to complete.
  • Upon completing the assessment, the student receives a personal feedback report that illustrates his or her vaping habits.
  • The student sets up a time to meet with an MEI-trained, school-identified professional to review and discuss the personal feedback report. This professional asks several motivational-interview-based questions to encourage conversation with the student. This meeting takes 1 to 2 hours, depending on student engagement.
  • The school professional assesses the integrity of the student’s survey responses to determine whether the student meets the requirements for reentry or suspension reduction.
  • If, upon completion of the curriculum, the student wants support in reducing vape dependence or in quitting, the school professional can refer the student to an MEI intervention group.

Purchase of access code allows one student to take the survey and generates one report.  Multiple codes can be purchased at once. contact us for details.

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