Marijuana and the Young Adult 2 Year

Marijuana and the Young Adult 2 Year

This element is designed for youth who are in the 18- to 21-year age range who seek information on how marijuana might affect them as they launch into adulthood.



Marijuana and the Young Adult

Target Audience: Youth who are preparing to graduate high school or who are in their first year of higher education

Administration: This curriculum can be used by any agency that works with youth and that has a mission of supporting young adults navigate the changing marijuana culture.

This curriculum is intended to be facilitated by a First Year Experience instructor, mental health worker, law enforcement officer, or other youth services provider in a school, higher education setting or youth services agency.


At the completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the effects marijuana has on their body, brain, and behavior
  • Understand the risks associated with marijuana use
  • Understand how marijuana works in the brain
  • Understand how neurotransmitters and receivers work in the brain

At the completion of this program, participates will know:

  • How THC mimics anandamide and how each substance works in the brain
  • How marijuana can affect working memory
  • Specific details about the risks associated with youth marijuana use
  • The impacts marijuana use has on the brain
  • How marijuana can affect motivation, identity and behavior
  • The impact smoking or vaping has on the lungs and other body systems


  • Seminar is 45 minutes long
  • Lecture and discussion based
  • Web-based PowerPoint delivery
  • Delivered by a school or youth service employee

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