Marijuana Impact Awareness – Enhanced

Marijuana Impact Awareness – Enhanced

This enhanced version of our original Advanced Impact Awareness curriculum builds on the framework of our original prevention course. Taking a more social-emotional approach, this five unit enhanced version reinnforces learniing with additional prompts for classroom discussion and asks students to examine external and internal influences that may impact their decision to use or abstain from marijuana, This course has several optional learning activities and handouts to reinforce learning.



Marijuana Education Initiative Prevention Curriculum

Target Audience: High school-aged youth

Logic Model

AdministrationThis curriculum can be used by any agency that works with youth and that has a mission of supporting early, preventative substance abuse.

This curriculum is intended to be facilitated by a health or science teacher, mental health worker, law enforcement officer, or other youth services provider in a school or youth services agency.


At the completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the effects marijuana has on their body, brain, and behavior
  • Understand the risks associated with marijuana use
  • Distinguish the differences between marijuana for medical use and marijuana for recreational use
  • Understand how marijuana works in the brain
  • Understand how neurotransmitters and receivers work in the brain
  • Develop awareness on the risk and abuse continuum
  • Understand the legal differences between medicinal and recreational THC and CBD

At the completion of this program, participates will know:

  • How THC mimics anandamide and how each substance works in the brain
  • The difference between two compounds in the marijuana plant, THC and CBD, and how they affect the body
  • Specific details about the risks associated with marijuana use, particularly use by youth
  • The impacts marijuana use has on the brain
  • Which medical conditions medical marijuana treats
  • The impact smoking or vaping has on the lungs and other body systems
  • The abuse continuum as it relates to marijuana and other substance use and abuse
    How to make informed choices around and the risks associated with marijuana use

PROGRAM DETAILS: Five engaging marijuana prevention units, each 45 minutes long

  • How marijuana works
  • Marijuana and the body
  • Marijuana as Medicine
  • Marijuana Influences; Laws, Norms and Personal Choice
  • Informed choices and risks around marijuana use
  • Activity, lecture, and discussion based
  • Web-based PowerPoint delivery
  • Lessons align with National Health Education standards
  • Lessons align with SEL programming and competency areas

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