Athlete Awareness

Athlete Awareness

Developed at the request of coaches and athletic directors, this enlightening presentation draws on information from the Intervention and Prevention curricula to increase athletes’ awareness of how marijuana use affects their athletic performance, mental capacity and stock as an athlete.


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Marijuana Education Initiative Athlete Awareness Presentation

Target Audience: Middle- and high-school-aged student athletes

Administration: This curriculum is intended to be facilitated in an academic or youth services setting by a coach or instructor who has been trained by an MEI facilitator.


At the completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify how marijuana affects athletic performance
  • Identify athletes who have been affected by their marijuana use
  • Identify the effects marijuana has on the body and brain
  • Understand the risks associated with marijuana use
  • Understand how marijuana works in the brain
  • Understand how state-based learning affects athletic performance
  • Understand how neurotransmitters and receivers work in the brain

At the completion of this program, participates will know:

  • How THC mimics anandamide and how each works in the brain
  • Specific details about the risks associated with marijuana use, particularly youth use
  • The impacts marijuana use has on the brain
  • The impacts marijuana use has on athletic performance


  • A 45-minute engaging PowerPoint presentation covering the following areas of knowledge:
  • Marijuana and the brain
  • Marijuana and the body
  • State-dependent learning/marijuana and memory
  • Athletes who have been affected by their marijuana use
  • Web-based PowerPoint delivery
  • Lessons align with SEL programing and competency areas

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