New Marijuana Infraction Response

Marijuana Infraction Response

Assessment Link

Welcome to the course

You need to share the following link and a login code with your students in an email.  Have them open the link, login, and take the survey. When the student has completed the survey and submitted, you will receive an email with a report. The student can also print or save the report.  Print out the resource manual to support the conversation you have with the youth based on his or her Customized Feedback Report.
Resource Manual

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at!

Where are my codes?

If you are having trouble finding your codes, there are two places you can look:

The order confirmation email from us: 



Your order history:

From the MEI home page, once you’re logged in, click on ‘My Courses’:

Once you’re on the ‘My Courses’ page, scroll almost to the bottom and click on ‘Orders’:

A list of all your orders will appear, click on the order that included the surveys:

This will display the order information. Your codes are listed toward the bottom:

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