High Schoolers

Marijuana Impact Awareness in the High School

MEI's core curriculum. It is standards-based, facilitated by classroom teachers, and is grade-level-appropriate. [$299]

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Marijuana Impact Awareness in the Middle School

MEI's core curriculum. It is standards-based, facilitated by classroom teachers, and is grade-level-appropriate. [$299]

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Marijuana Impact Awareness in the Elementary School

MEI's core curriculum. It is standards-based, facilitated by classroom teachers, and is grade-level-appropriate. [$299]

Intervention 347x231

Marijuana Intervention

This engaging seven-unit program is intended to help students who are motivated to reduce or quit their marijuana use. [$299]

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Marijuana Infraction Response

This curriculum can be used as an alternative to suspension or as a suspension enhancement opportunity for students who have violated school marijuana policies. [$299]

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Athlete Awareness

This enlightening presentation draws on information from the Intervention and Prevention curricula to increase athletes’ awareness of how marijuana use affects their performance. [$299]

Working Together

Marijuana and the Young Adult

Designed for youth who are preparing to graduate high school or who are in their first year of higher education. [$299]

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Consultation & Facilitated Presentations

The MEI team offers many options to support your school or district educators and administration with implementation of the MEI programs.

Out of the Box

Marijuana Education - "Out of the Box"

This unique marijuana curriculum is designed for agencies and organizations that are looking for a less traditional educational program for youth.

"The Marijuana Education Initiative is the first tool that gives Colorado educators the opportunity to truly educate students about the use of Marijuana."

Jeremiah Blaha - Facility and Student Teacher coordinator, Colorado State University Pueblo School of Education.

"The class shows the student, in a very understandable way, what the consequences of being a habitual smoker are. When I found out the impact of marijuana on my brain and body, I was pretty discouraged and almost felt hopeless until I was taught that in a single year that the brain can heal a significant amount if you are not using."

MEI Student Participant

“The new curriculum is visionary and has the potential to fill an existing education gap statewide and nationally.”

Steamboat Today

"In short, this class gave me the gentle nudge I needed to start to change my lifestyle and gave me some strategies to help with this drastic change. Without this class I truly don’t know when I would have become aware of what I was doing or if I ever would have wanted to change. This class left me feeling excited to see what new hobbies I replace my old habits with and where I can take myself."

MEI Student Participant

"This is an issue we should be addressing at a school and district level, and all staff should understand the effects of marijuana on learning as well as the impact and reach marijuana has on our student population. It was a sobering but incredibly valuable session."

COLAB Participant

"I am currently in the process of implementing new curriculum in an existing elective, based on new national standards. Both the "All the World's a Stage" session and the "CO student and Marijuana" gave me numerous ideas for both activities and content. Both will help me meet my goals of designing meaningful formative assessments and checks for understanding."

COLAB Participant

"The session on marijuana gave us some tangible things that we can be doing as a community to address increased use data and the perception that marijuana is not harmful. I would like to bring the presenters into our buildings for presentations to parents and as a resource for our health teachers."

COLAB Participant

"As a teacher's aide at a Charter school in Colorado, I had the opportunity to observe The Marijuana Education Initiative's program.It is an interactive and visually insightful program, making it an appropriate curriculum for middle school kids. The facts learned from this program enable these children to make an educated choice when confronted with marijuana. As an adult I learned so many things I didn't know about marijuana."

8th Grade Staff Member

"The students were instantly responsive to the activities, discussion topics and mindfulness activities."

Katie Jaskowiak - Centennial High School Counselor

"I have worked many years in education and have seen several drug-based curricula come and go, but I have never seen something as promising as the curriculum created by MEI."

Jerry Buelter - Middle School Principal

“My feelings towards the marijuana intervention class are ones of gratitude and hopefulness. I say this because this class was the thing that got me to realize what exactly I have been doing to myself the past few years.”

MEI Student Participant