Are you a parent who would would like to learn more about youth marijuana use? Are you concerned about your own child’s marijuana use? Or do you need resources to help you navigate parenting alongside with marijuana legalization?


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MEI has developed a complementary tool for parents, Changing the Conversation about Marijuana. This Parent Guide offers information for parents on youth marijuana use as well as gives talking points for parents to begin discussing the effects of marijuana, both recreational and medicinal with kids. The parent guide also has real life scenarios that are easy to identify with and can provide insight on how other families are navigating this new territory. Download Below…




Marijuana and the Developing Brain

In this interactive online module, participants will explore the inner workings of the brain—how it functions and develops normally, as well as how it operates while under the influence of THC. Through learning about the differences between the young, developing brain and the fully developed adult brain, along with a deeper understanding of the short- and longer-term effects youth use has on cognition, mental health and memory, youth learners will be better equipped to make informed decisions about using marijuana. For kids and adults alike, this 45 minute online certificated module is a wonderful way to enhance understanding of the impacts of youth marijuana use.

Additional Parent Resources:

Avoiding accidental ingestion by children is a top priority for Marijuana Education Initiative. Additionally, recent studies and anecdotal evidence show a large number of students who get caught at school with marijuana, stole it from their parents stash. We have researched the available products addressing this issue and are happy to affiliate with STASHLOGIX. Purchasing through our site also supports MEI in continuing to provide the nations leading post-legalization, evidence based marijuana education.

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