Statewide marijuana labeling

Avoid accidental Ingestion of Marijuana by Children

Accidental ingestion of marijuana products by children has been, and continues to be an area of significant concern. It is important that children know what marijuana packing products look like.  For a complete up-to-date list please click here to learn more.

MEI is unbiased about marijuana legalization.  Please be advised that the site referenced above is a pro-cannabis site.  While the site does not share MEI’s neutral position on marijuana legalization, it does have the most up-to-date rules and regulations regarding marijuana packing products.

Molly Lotz

A Colorado native, Molly has a passion for providing educational opportunities for the youth in this state. During her seven-year tenure as the counselor at a small alternative school in Steamboat Springs, her students began asking for support in their attempts to become less dependent on marijuana. Putting her education and social work background to work, she decided to create a curriculum that could help the youth in states with legalized marijuana do just that. She has a BA in English, with a secondary teaching certificate from Colorado State University, and a master’s in social work from the University of Washington, with an emphasis in school social work. She has worked in schools her entire professional career. Her most recent position is as counselor at Yampa Valley High School. In early spring 2015, she and her team created the Marijuana Education Initiative out of a passion for providing unbiased information to youth who want to know and understand the effects marijuana has on their lives.

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