Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase and access the curriculum?

You can purchase the curriculum HERE. Once you create an account at the time of purchase, you will be able to access the curriculum by going to your personalized “my courses” page on the website.

How many times can I access the curriculum?

You can access the MEI curriculum as many times as needed to in the for the duration of time that you purchased it. You have unlimited access to the curriculum for what ever duration your purchased starting on the date you completed your order.

How do I get trained on facilitating the lessons?

As educators, Sarah and Molly know how difficult it is to be gone from the students to attend a full day of training. To ensure that you don’t even have to leave your building to be trained in MEI curriculum instruction, each lesson has a teacher training outline.

Once you create your account and purchase your desired program, you will also have access to facilitator notes that can be found by each lesson.

After reviewing these notes while looking at the lessons slides, you should be very capable of teaching the course, but please reach out to MEI if you are interested in having an in person training.

How do I deliver the curriculum?

To deliver the curriculum, simply login to your account and view your personal “my courses” page. From there you will see the course(s) that your are currently enrolled in. Click on the course you are wanting to teach. Once you open up the course you want to teach, review the facilitator notes while looking at the course slide show.

Once you feel comfortable with the course, make the slideshow fullscreen and project it in front of your students, delivering the information from the slides to your class. Some of the lessons have PDFs that you need to print ahead of time to facilitate the lesson.

Are there any supplemental elements to the curriculum?

The Impact Awareness curricula has SEL-based activity worksheets that support the lessons and provide discussion topics that can be used both in the classroom and at home that can encourage deeper thinking.

How can I get support if I have questions about teaching the material?

You can always reach out by email to Molly Lotz and Sarah Grippa, the creators of the curriculum to ask them any questions about the content or instruction of the lessons.

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