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These lessons are a collection of 45 minute learning modules for kids, parents, coaches, educators and employees who want to be informed and empowered regarding marijuana use. The eLearning academy offers engaging and interactive certificated online courses that are self-paced and self-directed. The modules address a wide range of topics relating to youth and employee marijuana use.

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Marijuana and the
Developing Brain


Explore the inner workings of the developing brain and how it operates while under the influence of THC. For kids and adults alike, this 45 minute online, self-paced and certificated module enhances the understanding of the impacts of youth marijuana use.

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Talking to Youth about Marijuana
A Training Module for
Parents and Trusted Adults

This course is designed for parents and trusted adults to get a thorough understanding around the topic of youth marijuana use. This course is relevant for any adult who wants to be well-informed around the effects and risks associated with youth marijuana use.

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Marijuana Intervention

This engaging course includes information, activities and journal prompts intended to provide support to students who are motivated to reduce or quit their marijuana use. All done online, this 4 hour course increases students' insight into their own marijuana use.

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Marijuana and the
Young Driver

Essential for any young driver, this course is designed to educate youth on the effects marijuana has on driving. By looking at how marijuana effects the brain, coordination, and the laws around marijuana use and driving, this course explors the impact marijuana has on safe driving.

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In this course, participants will learn about the chemical elements of a vaping device and how they affect health and addiction as well as the history and background of vaping and its appeal to youth. In addition to the health risks, this course also addresses the academic risks associated with vaping.

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and the Workforce

This course instructs participants on the relationship between changing marijuana legalization laws and policies around marijuana use, and promotes understanding on how marijuana use can impact worker’s compensation claims. Participants will also learn how marijuana works on the brain and its impacts and effects while impaired.

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