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Teaching is tough enough, teaching about Marijuana is even tougher.

Marijuana Education Initiative has developed an extensive, age-specific Multi-Tiered System of Support to aide your efforts in educating students about the effects of youth marijuana use. Our online, subscription based courses are available for individual use in the classroom, an entire school or district-wide and can support with prevention efforts as well as supporting youth who are already experimenting with their own marijuana use.

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Marijuana Impact Awareness

This comprehensive curriculum goes in-depth to help high school aged youth understand marijuana's impact in the adolescent brain and body, the differences between adult and youth marijuana use, the risks associated with youth marijuana use, as well as the difference between medicinal and recreational use.

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Marijuana Impact Awareness

Designed for young adolescents, this curriculum supports early preventive efforts by educating middle school aged youth about the impacts of youth marijuana use. This curriculum can be dropped into a health or science class or can support school or organization-wide marijuana prevention efforts.

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Marijuana Impact Awareness
in Elementary School

This program begins to lay the foundation for effective youth marijuana prevention by reaching youth during their elementary years. The program approaches issues such as marijuana’s impact on the developing brain and body as well as edible and labeling awareness to prevent accidental ingestion.

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Marijuana Intervention

The engaging discussions, activities, and journal writing in this curriculum is intended to provide support to students who are motivated to reduce or quit their marijuana use. This curriculum includes the required an MEI Intervention workbook to help students explore their marijuana use habits and patterns.

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Marijuana Infraction

This program can support trusted adults, schools and organizations to keep kids engaged while still having an effective and appropriate consequence for a marijuana related violation. The Infraction Response program can be used as part of the restorative justice process or to reduce a suspension.

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Athlete Awareness

Developed at the request of coaches, this curriculum is designed to increase athletes’ awareness of how marijuana use affects their athletic performance, mental capacity and stock as an athlete.

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Marijuana and the
Developing Brain

Explore the inner workings of the developing brain and how it operates while under the influence of THC. For kids and adults alike, this 45 minute online, self-paced and certificated module enhances the understanding of the impacts of youth marijuana use.

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Marijuana Education
"Out of the Box"

This book has 14 lessons that cover topics ranging from marijuana and the brain, marijuana awareness, marijuana and the body, and refusal skills with every lesson having an engaging and reinforcing activity.

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