Harnessing the Power
of the Brain

Many people are familiar with the rapid brain development that occurs during early childhood.  The developing brain of a baby grows by rapidly producing brain cells and synapses (connections) and then thins them back sometime around the age of three years. Imagine...

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Medicinal Marijuana: Going Beyond CBD and THC

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, neurosurgeon and respected broadcast journalist, made this statement regarding medicinal marijuana. Marijuana is often a heated topic, with strong feelings on all sides of the issue. As parents, educators, coaches, and adult mentors, we have a great...

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The Struggle Is Real: Teens, Weed, and Mixed Messages

The struggle is real!!!!! This is a popular meme and a joking term that my girls and I often use to make light of our frequent mishaps. This morning, in fact, we were running late for school, I was hurriedly trying to make my coffee, my youngest daughter could not...

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Label Warnings for Kids

Statewide marijuana labeling Avoid accidental Ingestion of Marijuana by Children Accidental ingestion of marijuana products by children has been, and continues to be an area of significant concern. It is important that children know what marijuana packing products...

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Is 10 too young?

Is 10 Too Young to Talk About Adolescent Marijuana Use? When is the right time to begin conversations with your children about marijuana use?  Most experts agree that education about issues like alcohol and drug use is most effective if it begins at least two years...

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Letter from Switzerland

Letter from Switzerland Musings From the Middle Ground As an educator in Colorado, I am uniquely poised to witness marijuana legalization and all the ups and downs that accompany it. During the early phases of legalization, I believe people felt they had to take a...

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