All I want for Christmas is a… vape pen?

With the holidays coming up, one thing at the top of your teen’s Christmas list may be a pen.  No, not your average fancy sharpie, not a red or green Pilot G-2 (my personal favorite); no, we are talking about vape pens.  More and more common among youth, these pens...

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From Frying Pans To Brain Scans

Imagine if today’s academics provided our youth only with information from a generation ago, the information that we, as parents and educators, grew up on. Picture teachers giving students an encyclopedia from the late 1980s to use for their research papers instead of...

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Talking To Your Child About Adolescent Marijuana Use

Four Strategies To Get The Conversation Started You might be wondering why it is important to start talking to your children at an early age about the risks associated with adolescent marijuana use. Most experts agree that education about issues like...

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The Parent’s Guide to 420

What is 420?  Like any urban legend, the genesis of 420 has been routinely discussed and debated. While there are many potential origins for how 420 came to be, the general consensus is that it began with a group of teenage boys living in California in the...

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The Truth About Marijuana and Opioids

Sorting Through The Misinformation. I am a Colorado educator and the CEO and cofounder of the Marijuana Education Initiative (MEI). For the last three years, I have focused on developing and implementing marijuana-specific youth prevention and intervention curricula....

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