Promoting a balanced and informed understanding
of the effects of youth marijuana use.

The Marijuana Education Initiative was created with one sole purpose:

to Inform and Empower.

A shift in perception demands a shift in education. Our comprehensive curriculum was created to put the most current, research-based information in the hands of parents, mentors, and educators and open the door to helping adolescents make informed decisions about marijuana. An informed youth is an empowered youth.

Marijuana Education Initiative is leading the conversation about the impact of legalized marijuana on youth. We are the most credible, proven source of information, materials, and training to help communities, schools, families, legislators, corporations, policymakers, and organizations navigate the evolution of legalized cannabis.

Marijuana legalization is creating a new social and cultural paradigm in the United States. MEI offers comprehensive, progressive, research-based educational curricula that evolve with emerging marijuana legalization. This multi-tiered system of support focuses on marijuana education, prevention, and intervention for youth and helps promote an understanding of the differences between adult cannabis use and youth cannabis use, and medicinal use and recreational use.

Our curricula teach and inform using the most up-to-date material. We do not promote the “Just Say No” approach of years past, which we now know is ineffective. MEI offers an educational solution that is relevant in today’s post – legalization environment. It is based on the most current research, engages students on an intellectual level, and empowers them to take positive action.

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