Informed and Empowered

Science and reality-based marijuana prevention education for today’s youth.

MEI’s comprehensive curriculum was created to put the most current, research-based information in the hands of parents, mentors and educators to help adolescents make informed decisions about the risks associated with marijuana use on a developing brain.

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Our Programs

eLearning Modules 

These lessons are a collection of 45 minute learning modules for kids, parents, coaches, and educators who want to be informed and empowered regarding youth marijuana use. MEI’s eLearning opportunities offer engaging and interactive certificated online courses that are self-paced and self-directed. The modules address a wide range of topics relating to youth marijuana use.

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Classroom-based Curriculum

MEI’s wide range of curricula is designed for educators, coaches and youth service providers looking for a classroom solution that addresses youth marijuana prevention.  This allows educators to be the expert in youth marijuana prevention and to deliver effective and impactful lessons to increase the perception of harm around marijuana use at a young age.

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All classroom-based curricula can be taught remotely using Zoom or Google Hangout screen share options.
If you are interested in package pricing for the 2020-2021 school year you may contact us directly at


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